SEIKO KT-601 Desktop Scoreboard

The Seiko KT-601 Sports Counter is a table top scoreboard suitable for multiple sports including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, boxing and wrestling etc. Also can be used as a pacer for training etc.

The KT-601  Scoreboard can be operated via remote control or the Back Panel of the unit.

SEIKO KT-601 Desktop Scoreboard Features

  • Can be used as a stopwatch, countdown timer or pacer.
  • Can be operated from backside control panel or wireless remote (KT-601RD: included)
  • Programmable game timer counts up or down from 99.59 with scores for two teams up to 199.
  • Buzzer when timer reaches zero, or can be manually controlled.
  • Dimensions: 48 x 87 x 56cm.

48 x 87 x 56cm

Power req.


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