CR-1701 LED Cricket Scoreboard

HS Sports outdoor LED cricket scoreboards provide wireless scoring capabilities which also fully integrate with Total Cricket Scorer. Manufactured within the UK these displays come complete with a wireless controller which is rated up to 300m. The internal electronics are conformally coated to protect them from the elements, and the chassis is a robust yet lightweight powder-coated aluminium chassis.

The scoreboard is shipped as one piece for the ultimate in ease of handling and simple installation

Control Console

• Wireless Tabletop Controller provides integrated 2.4 GHz wireless scoring technology, and features an operating distance of up to 1,000 feet. The unit has 12 independent channels and 16 independent networks per channel that provide reliable communication for up to 192 separate games at a facility.
• Wired control options are available

• Vinyl artwork captions are applied directly to display face
• TOTAL, WKTS, OVERS, 1ST INNS: 5” caption height


1.22m X 2.74m X 0.11m




115 VAC – 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 175 W

Digit colour


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