Colorado Timing Wall Plate

The Timing Wall Plate from Colorado Time Systems is connection plate designed for permanent installation within the swimming pool.  Mounted to the wall, the Timing Wall Plate houses all of the permanent wiring for the swimming timing system. This permanent installation helps reduce the set-up time required for a swimming gala, but also reduces the on-deck cabling around the pool.

The Timing Wall Plate from Colorado Time Systems is part of a swimming touchpad timing system, and is designed to accommodate any number of configurations and includes options for Titanium Deck Plates, start systems, LED matrix display fibre, judging terminals, long- and short-course configurations, and up to 12 lanes.

Options include:

  • Basic timing, near-end (WLPA)
  • Basic timing, near- and far-end (WLPA-F)
  • Basic timing, near-end and short course (WLPA-S)
  • Basic timing near-end, far-end, and short course (WLPA-FS)
  • Diving option (K-DV)
  • 12-lane option (K-12)

15″ x 15″ x .25″ (38.1cm x 38.1cm x .64cm)



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