Freelap Ski Timing System

£1,500.00 inc VAT

The latest technology from Freelap Timing.  Times are instantly displayed on your mobile phone or tablet.  Complete your training and share it online with your team! 

Simply add the number of Freelap FX Alpine chips required.  


The Freelap TX Alpine Kit Pro BLE was developed and perfected over the last nine years with the guidance of world class coaches from around the globe. Freelap timing brings an innovative timing system to the table that allows athletes and coaches to monitor their timed training actively without the need of complex and expensive timing equipment.


Driving the Freelap TX Alpine Kit Pro BLE technology are the electromagnetic fields emitted by the TX Start Gate PRO and TX Power5 PRO transmitter.  These electromagnetic fields are exclusively detected by the Freelap FX Alpine chip and instantly displays training times run after run on the MyFREELAP mobile app. Data can also be consulted online  on your personalized profile on account


The Freelap technology eliminated the need to synch or calibrate any equipment making installation a breeze. The simple ON/OFF operation takes care of installation. 

Since the athletes are the ones carrying their times with the FX Alpine Chip, Freelap as also eliminate the inevitable missed time caused by the previous athletes not completing the course.

Having a system that requires no operator lets coaches focus on what is most important COACHING.

This technology also enables Freelap to offer a system with no course range limitation due to length or undulation of the terrain.

  • Live timing on mobile app

  • Create specific training groups and share times online 

  • Coaches, athletes and parents can review data after training

  • Not affected by snow or wind like traditional "magic eyes" 

  • No synchronization required  (installed in seconds) 

  • Auto off when not in use

  • Accurate, affordable and robust 

  • Resistant to our sports most demanding temperature









* Split times can be seamlessly added with the addition of a TX Power5 Alpine Pro


The Freelap Ski Timing System includes:

1x Freelap Alpine Timing Watch
1x Freelap Startgate
1x Freelap Power5 Transmitter
1x Carry Case

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