Whilst we all know that sportives are not ‘races’ in the traditional sense of the word, and many riders are simply happy to complete the distance within the time allowance, the recording and publishing of entrants’ times is an intrinsic part of the sportive experience, and of the utmost importance to riders.

Traditional chip timing systems have long been perceived as being the domain only of larger and more established events, but thanks to new technology and new thinking, that needn’t be the case any longer.

HS Sports have developed a cost effective chip timing offering that enables all events, of any size, to be able to benefit from a professional and slick timing and results service.

By far, the most cost effective means of enjoying this is through our exclusive partnership with British Cycling, which enables all affiliated events to benefit from priority service and beneficial rates.  Click here to see more information on the British Cycling Partnership offer.

Our services range from the provision of finish only timing points up to and including separate start points, split points, commentator mats and more. All data can be streamed live back to our timing servers where live results are calculated and published as required.

In addition to gathering the timing and results data, HS Sports offer a number of ways to disseminate this information, including:

*  Live to a commentator 
*  Live to the internet 
*  To competitors via SMS 
*  Live to large display screen 
*  Live to a television broadcast

Once the event has finished all results are uploaded to HS Sports online results website www.chiptiming.co.uk which offers cyclists a fully searchable service where they are able to view their times. In addition, results data is also supplied to the event organisers for them to use and publish as required.

We offer a flexible and friendly advisory service where we will analyse the very individual needs of your own event and build a timing and results service to suit your own specific requirements.

Great Cycle: ManchesterGreat Manchester Cycle Logo

Hell of the Ashdown: KentHell of the Ashdown Chip Timing by HS Sports

Polkadot Challenge: StockportPolkadot Sportive Chip Timing by HS Sports

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