Wireless Judging Terminal



Colorado Time System's wireless judging terminal for scoring diving and synchronised swimming.

Easy to Set up: No more cables running on the deck. Simply connect the Wireless Interface Box to your System 5 or System 6 Timing Console and assign judge numbers to each Wireless Judging Terminals (WJT).

Easy to Use: Each judge enters his or her score on the WJT when prompted by the Timing Console. The WJT transmits the scores for each judge to the Timing Console. The Timing Console then calculates the score.

Efficient: You can run multiple events in the same vicinity or even in the same facility. The 2.4GHz WJT offers twelve (12) wireless channels to allow adjustment for potential interference and make simultaneous events possible. The system supports up to 99 judging terminals plus one referee’s terminal.

The WJTs have been designed specifically for the aquatic environment, weigh just over a pound, and are packed with useful features:

  • l Easy to enter scores
  • l One button press to view remaining battery life
  • l Runs on 4 “AA” batteries, with a battery life of 16 hours*
  • l Backlighting and contrast on the 4-line display can be adjusted to individual judge’s preference and facility conditions.
Dimensions 19 x 12.5 x 7cm
Weight 487g
Range 76m
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