TED Radio System



The Alge TED wireless system is a proven, highly-reliable pulse & data transmission system. There are two models available, the TX10 (upto appx 1.5km) and TX400 (upto appx 5km).  As with any wireless equipment they are ideal for any temporary installations or where cabling is impossible to install. For example skiing and showjumping.

When the data is transmitted (e.g. of the start time), the data plus a safety code is sent from the transmitter TED-TX to the receiver TED-RX. The receiver then forwards the data package on to the timing device at the finish. The data is transmitted as many times as required to ensure it is received by the TED-RX receiver.   In addition, the data is stored in the transmitter TED-TX. The same applies to all start times which can be recalled at any time from the timing device at the start.

  • Pulse-type data transmission ensures that all your information arrives "in one piece"! Each Start or Stop pulse from the timing source (gate, photocell, etc) is sent as a complete data packet, not just as an updated packet like other less-sophisticated systems. This feature virtually guarantees perfect performance
  • Sends simple timing impulses as well as data (scoreboards etc)
  • Two-channel capability, with optional RX-C10 10-channel expansion adapter
  • Output power: TX10- 10mW ; TX400- 400mW
  • Compatible with any half-duplex device using RS232 protocol
  • Built-in protection against false data
  • Built-in signal optimiser allows the user to tune the system to the optimum frequency using its unique LED and tone-based signal tuner.
  • Available in both short and long-haul versions: Short-range TED-TX 10 works up to approx. 1.5 km (1 mile); Long-rangeTED-TX 400 works up to approx. 5 km (3 miles). We have successfully tested these systems to far greater distances.
  • Up to 16 signal addresses can be used, so up to 16 different TED systems can be used in the same area with no cross-interference (i.e. 1 set for Start-Finish, another set for Interval times, another set for display boards, etc)
  • Runs on standard AA batteries
  • Ultra-rugged tubular aluminum construction
  • Comes with wide velcro strap to attach to almost anything, also features standard-thread tripod mount
 Module Power 10 mW 400 mW ------------
 Wireless Distance
Up to appx 1,5 km Up to appx 5 km ------------
 Frequency: Standard
433,500 MHz
434,300 MHz
434,600 MHz
433,800 MHz
all frequencies
Input for
RS 232
Input for
RS 232
Output for
RS 232 + RS 485
 Battery Life appx
 (one impulse per minute):
300 hours 270 hours 54 hours
 Operating Temperature: -20° to +50°C -20° to +50°C -20° to +50°C
 Dimensions (without antenna): 198 x 72 x 72 mm 198 x 72 x 72 mm 198 x 72 x 72 mm
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