The Alge TDC8001 printing timer is the culmination of three decades' of experience in the field of sports timing. The timer is extremely robust, flexible, and easy-to-use desktop system which offers industry-leading features in a compact and weatherproof form.

The unit comes complete with a number of different software packages designed for different sports and applications.

  • Extremely accurate 1/10,000 timebase based on Alge's temperature-compensated quartz crystal
  • Intuitive, menu-driven design makes it easy to learn to use this powerful device
  • Multiple highly legible, high-contrast liquid crystal displays delivering multiple font sizes & styles
  • Weatherproof keyboard which features large buttons can be used even when weating gloves
  • Outputs RS-232 communication protocol
  • Supports scoreboard-output
  • Built-in speech amplifier circuit
  • Can simultaneously drive up to 4 independent races, each using the same bib number ranges
  • Onboard 10-channel capability, with expandability up to 19 channels
  • Supports bib numbers up to 9999
  • Huge memory -- up to 9999 splits for each of the 4 race events (39,996 total splits)
  • Instant-save feature automatically saves every split so times cannot be lost
  • Integrated, P5-based thermal printer: continue timing while printing results, printer buffer remains active so you don`t lose data while changing paper
  • Universal software supports virtually all sports
  • High tolerance to weather extremes -- rated from -25C to 55C (-13F to 122F)
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
Measuring range: 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.9999 seconds
Crystal frequency: TCXO 11.520 MHz (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator)
Accuracy: temperature range from -25 to +50°C: +/- 2,5 ppm (+/-0,009s/h.)
Ageing: +/- 1 ppm per year
Frequency adjustment: +/- 0,1 ppm at 25°C
Temperature Operative Timing Range: -25 to 50°C (-10°F to 122°F)
Electronics: cutting edge energy-saving C-MOS technology with 80C167 microprocessor
Memory: about 2 x 10,000 times with start numbers, keeps data when switched off by internal rechargeable battery
Printer: Thermoprinter (matrix) with a max. speed of 6 lines per second
Power Supply: internal: NiCd rechargeable battery 7.2 V / 4.5 A
external: 230 VAC (alternative 115 VAC) with charger
Power Consumption: no external devices from the internal NiCd battery: about 80 mA
when printing: about 500 mA
Charging Supply: +11 to 16 VDC
Impulse Length: Input resistance 10 kΩ against +5V,
Triggering with < 1V (falling flank) Hysteresis about 2V
Output 5VDC stabilized: total max. of 120 mA
Interfaces: RS 232c Interface for PC
RS 232c Interface for Display Boards
RS 485 Interface
Loudspeaker output: for 8Ω speaker, U = 24 Vpp
Casing: case with key to lock, removable cover
Dimensions: 450 x 320 x 150 mm / 17.8 x 12.6 x 6 inches
Weight: 7.5 kg / 16 lb.
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