Seiko ST306 Sports Timer

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The Seiko ST306 display is an intelligent multi-functional timer ideal for showing information to spectators, competitors and officials. Particularly popular for use as a road race clock or for athletics to display the winning time as athletes cross the finish-line.


  • Its main feature is the count-up/down timer, it can be used as a timing display system for various sports events including swimming, track races, marathon, walking race, skiing, cycling, soccer, rugby, basketball, and other games
  • Ability to display game points and deuce points in tennis.
  • The measurement of lap times, split times and finish times. In addition, it can memorize and re-play either lap or split times for a maximum of 25 athletes.
  • An auto-repeat function in which the time is up-counted and down-counted at fixed intervals to sound a buzzer at a present time. The display can also be used as a pace-clock.
  • Operates on AA batteries and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Main Functions:

  • The following three maximum time ranges are available which can be changed over from each other to cover a wide range of sport events: a) 99h59m59s b) 59m59s9 c) 59m59s99
  • The count-up function is available in two modes: one in which the time is counted up from zero, and the other in which the time is counted up from a preset time.
  • The countdown function has a crossover counting mode in which the time is countdown from a preset time to zero and in succession up-counted from zero. This mode is suitable for marathon and the like.
  • The ST-306 can be used in combination with a variety of different SEIKO sports equipment


 Power supply

 “AA” size dry battery, 8 pieces

 Battery life

 Approx. 50 hours for alkaline battery (LR6, at 25℃)
  Approx. 25 hours for manganese battery (R6, at 25℃)


 Magnetic rotary bar, 6 digits (yellow)
  Character height ... 200 mm.

 Time accuracy

 ±0.04 seconds/hour (5℃~35℃)

 Overall dimensions

 1,230 (W) x 330 (H) x 150 (D) mm


 12.5 kg

 Grip switch

 Cable ... 5 m, φ60
  “Start/stop” and “lap/split/reset” buttons

 Battery box

 “AA” size dry battery, 8 pieces


 【Countup (stopwatch) mode】
  Measurement range : 99 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds 99
  【Countdown (timer) mode】
  Setting range : Up to 99 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
  Minimum unit of indication : 1/100 seconds


 Location : Indoors/outdoors

 Devices connectable
 with ST-306

 ST-23, PS105/107/109, CT-1000/916, CT-400/300,
 PT-7000/6000, ST-2000/900/800 series, RT-120,
 WG-200, and DM-300

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