RLS3C-S Triple Photocell



The RLS3C-S Three Fold Photocell are mounted on top of each other and can be used up to 15m appart.  There are two different operational modes depending on the required use

Mode 1:

The three photocells will only send an impulse when all three cells are covered at the same time. Before another impulse is received each beam must be clear again. (e.g. for athletics)

Mode 2:

The three photocells work individualy, this means if you break one photocell beam you will get an impulse (e.g. for soccer ball speed, agility, horse races, etc.).

Used for:

Switch position

  • mode 1: Athletics Switch position
  • mode 2: Soccer ball speed, Agility, horse racing, etc.
Operating distance 2 to 15 m
Power supply 7 to 15 VDC (Pin 4) or
5 VDC / 25 mA max. (Pin 5)

Power consumption with 5 V supply form ALGE timer:

not triggered: less than 35 mA
all 3 triggered: less than 55 mA
Power consumptionwith 12 V supply (external): not triggered: less than 40 mA
all 3 triggered: less than 55 mA
Output NPN transistor, Open Collector, activ low
Reaction time 300 µs, 2 ms adjusted
Impulse length 20 to 1400 ms, adjustable
Measurements 200 x 370 x 120 mm
Weight 2 kg (4.5 lbs.) for RLS3c with Reflector
Socket pin arrangement: 1 =  signal output
2 =  signal output
3 =  0 Volt
4 =  power supply +7 to +15 VDC
5 =  +5V stabilized
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