Racetime2 Radio L Kit




The new Racetime2 Light Radio Kit has been designed to fully satisfy timing and training requirements in the world of sport. The extreme ease and speed with which it can be installed, the absence of any connection cables, the possibility of taking both total times and intermediate times (up to 6, all individually identified) via radio moving freely along the course makes the Racetime2 Light Radio Kit the ideal instrument for fully satisfying all training requirements in any sector of sport.

The system is particularly versatile and can be easily used to evaluate a number of different things, such as speed tests, shuttle tests, rapidity tests, etc..

The radio module is embedded into the photocell and can be used wherever you like as it requires no license.

To ensure ease of transport and protection of the system the Kit comes complete with a padded material bag.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Racetime2 stopwatch with printer
  • 2 Polifemo Radio Light photocell
  • 2 reflector
  • 4 tripods for mounting of photocell
  • 1 LinkGate Decradio Light receiver
  • 1 adaptor
  • 1 padded bag.
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