Polifemo Photocell



The new Polifemo beam is designed to conform to all safety standards. A coaxial optic system guarantees an extended range of over 35m with a reflector. The range can also be extended up to 90 metres when one beam head is used for reception and one for transmission.

The microprocessor and photocell switches allow the beam to be configured in various modes:

  • ability to set dead times
  • double and isolated outputs
  • selection of impulse type (start/stop/lap)
  • normal or monostable functioning
  • ability to operate with reflector only or with transmission and reception photocells counter-imposed
  • low battery indicator

The rechargeable batteries incorporate a "smart" recharging circuit to ensure proper charging and 12 hours operation from an overnight charge. Two normal batteries may be used if required.

Wireless capabilities are available

Weight:   445 g
Dimensions:   59 x 180 x 104
Resolution:    0,125 ms
Delay in relation to event:    1 ms
Operating temperature:    -25 °C/+70 °C
Power supply: Internal Rechargeable batteries : NICd, NiMH 1.2V
Non-rechargeable batteries : alcaline 1.5V
  On polifunctional 6 pole socket 5V¸13V with protection circuit
  On recharge jack 5V¸13V with protection circuit (voltage >8V to allow recharge)
  Protection circuit  for all models
  Battery recharge Embedded ‘smart’ recharge device
  Battery life 18 hours
Processor:   C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor
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