Polifemo Light Photocell



The Polifemo light photocell is similar to the "Polifemo" model.  The main difference being that the maximum distance the beam and reflector can be placed apart is 15m.  This type of distance makes the Polifemo light photocell perfect for applications such as training and athletics. Features include:

  • Reflecting range of about 15 metres
  • low battery indicator
  • embedded ‘smart’ recharge circuit
  • possibility of substituting the rechargeable batteries with two AA batteries (over 15 hours of battery life)

Wireless capabilities can be added to the photocell.

Weight:   445 g
Dimensions:   59 x 180 x 104
Resolution:    0,125 ms
Delay in relation to event:    1 ms
Operating temperature:    -25 °C/+70 °C
Power supply: Internal Rechargeable batteries : NICd, NiMH 1.2V
Non-rechargeable batteries : alcaline 1.5V
  On polifunctional 6 pole socket 5V¸13V with protection circuit
  On recharge jack 5V¸13V with protection circuit (voltage >8V to allow recharge)
  Protection circuit  for all models
  Battery recharge Embedded ‘smart’ recharge device
  Battery life 18 hours
Processor:   C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor
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