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.netBOARDS is an innovative piece of software from Microgate which allows for easy management of led or pixel-based MicroTab and MicroGraph display boards. Developed using cutting-edge software technology, .netBOARDS features an ultramodern graphical user interface and is composed of the three main modules:


Create and design whatever you want.
The Layout Designer allows to create graphical elements, such as strings, scrolling texts, images, dates, times, and more, positioning them freely on the virtual software display area before sending the created layout to the real display board.
Furthermore it allows for easy and fast configuration of all general and program parameters (e.g. line and column addresses, parameters for serial/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/radio connections, brightness settings, internal clock setting, etc.).


Configuring sequences.
Thanks to the Sequence Editor you can create a timeline of various layouts to display information previously created with the Layout Designer in the required sequence and at predefined intervals. For example it is possible to create alternating advertisements and ranking or timing information and send it at given times and with loop/goto functions.


Saving programs.
The Program Editor allows you to create a display program (with pauses, resets, cycles, and/or jumping to other spots) and sends it directly to the display board. The created program is stored as an 'internal program' (Program 2) in the display boards ROM and can run automatically without the need to connect a PC.


The software also has the ability to act as a collector of data from devices such as timers, photofinish, other PCs with race management programs or any other device 'communicating' with the Microgate protocol. Thanks to the Preview Module, .netBOARDS becomes a 'server' receiving dynamic information (times, names, positions) from several sources.
This data can be previewed and/or simultaneously sent to the display board with other 'static' layout elements.


Thanks to a series of additional plug-ins developed especially for specific sports (e.g. hockey, basket, volley, etc.), .netBOARDS can be used as a sports event management tool allowing the timer or referee to interact with preconfigured objects such as scores, penalty countdown, timers, as well as fix information like names of teams, athletes, etc.
Upon specific request custom plug-ins are available, for example for reading and displaying information from analog or digital inputs (e.g. anemometers, temperature / air humidity / snow probes, pH measurement devices for swimming pools, etc.). 

Operating System Microsoft XP SP3 Vista/7 (32 o 64 bit)
Net Framework 4.0 (installed by the application if missing)
Hard Disk 40 GB 120 GB
Graphic Display Resolution 1024x768 1280x800 or higher
Ports 1 USB (for USB-to-SERIAL converter) and/or 1 Ethernet or Wi-Fi port
Display Boards LED or PIX MicroGraph or MicroTab display boards (MicroTab Light, RadioSpeed, LapCounter or other not specified display boards are not supported)
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