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The best-in-class and most popular timing software!

MYLAPS Orbits 4 is a complete and extremely user-friendly software package. It includes easy to use wizards which can assist with quicker start up and customizing to fit your preferences


MYLAPS Orbits 4 contains the following features:

  • Event Setup
  • Registration
  • Event timing
  • Results processing
  • Results distribution
  • Championship management

With MYLAPS Orbits 4 you can easily time your events in 6 sequential steps:

1. Setup your events

  • Graphical overview of system setup
  • Automatic decoder detection
  • Create and schedule your events
  • The standard package supports 1 timeline
  • With the Multiple Timeline Plug-in you can add timelines

2. Create runs and import participants

  • Create groups and runs for practicing, qualifications and races
  • Import participants using different import formats, including text files
  • (Re-)assign participants to classes with drag and drop
  • Use color indication for different classes

3. Time your races

  • Customizable lap charts
  • Assign race conditions, including warm-up, green, red and pit stops
  • Change settings during the race
  • Add or adjust manual passings

4. Process results

  • Assign points with your own point scheme
  • Merge results to create line-ups for (semi) finals
  • Various print formats with adjustable columns, sorting, font sizes and logo
  • Export to text files

5. Distribute results

  • Publish to scoreboards
  • Upload to
  • Send to Onboard Display (plug-in)

6. Manage championships

  • Define championships (a series of events in a season)
  • Add events to a championship
  • Aggregate event results
  • Publish championships on

PC Requirements:

  • Pentium III processor or better
  • 512 MB Memory, 1024 MB Recommend
  • Approximately 100 MB of hard disk space
  • CD-Rom player
  • Network adapter or a free COM Port
  • Operating systems: XP Home, XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Minimal screen resolution 1024 X 768 (1280 x 800 or higher recommended)
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