Mylaps BIBTag Decoder



The MYLAPS BibTag chip timing decoder combines a more friendly handling process with the quality and experience of the existing MYLAPS product family. Low cost per participant and no post race handling make the MYLAPS BibTag an excellent timing solution. A new modular mat design allows a flexible width for each timing point.

The MYLAPS BibTag System includes timing software and hardware, providing a complete solution for your event. You can:

  • Collect race data, including runner identification and lap times
  • Export data to your timing software to process, print, and publish official event results

Because most events involve thousands of participants, we optimized the system to keep the cost per participant low.

Attached to the mats, the BIBTag decoder is the heart of the system.  It decodes the BibTag chip signals into the athlete’s competitor number as well as the exact time that the athlete crosses the time line.

The MYLAPS BibTag Decoder comes complete with an integrated battery.


  • Minimal pre race handling and fulfillment
  • No post race handling


  • No handling required for participant
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Can be managed by one or two people


  • High accuracy
  • Unquestionable results
  • Handles high volumes of start and finish line passes
Dimensions (LxWxD) 47 x 35.7 x 17.6cm
AC input voltage / current 100-240V AC at 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature (charging) 0 to + 45 °C (+ 32 to +104 ° F)
Operating temperature (charged) -20 to + 50 °C (- 4 to +122 ° F)
Storage temperature -20 - + 25 °C (- 4 to + 77 ° F)
Long term storage temperature -20 - + 40 °C (- 4 to +104 ° F)
Relative humidity Max. 90 [%], non condensing
GPS/GPRS modem box Replaceable SIM card Can be attached to fence to improve reception (using a clip magnet and a quality extension cable)
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