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MicroLink is a software created for rapidly transferring data stored on Microgate stopwatches to the PC and vice versa.

The main feature of the software is simplicity of use: it is the ideal tool for managing races and training sessions in the various sport disciplines.

The program makes it possible to prepare lists of competitors (also subdivided into groups) and start orders, and to send them to the stopwatch. It also makes it possible to receive the data acquired by the stopwatch, and manage and print them.

As well as final times and their relative bibs, the display of results makes it possible to add many other data items including: name and surname, group, intermediate times, run times, gap (calculated directly by Microlink), speed, average speed, air temperature, snow/water temperature, time events, penalties, horse name, wind direction, wind speed and a whole series of other data necessary for the relative sport discipline.

MicroLink also makes it possible to rapidly import and export data in other formats such as Excel, CSV and DBF.

Formats supported:

  • import of competitors: Excel, text and CSV
  • export of competitors: Excel, text, CSV, DBF
  • export of competition data: Excel, text and CSV
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