Micrograph LED



A potentially infinite wall of light

MicroGraph is the ideal choice for all of your display requirements. The display is capable of being used in two formats, the first as a stand-alone unit or for greater flexibility modules can be connected together to create one large display.

Connecting the displays together is easy using the simple and fast assembly system which allows modules to be joined both horizontally and vertically.

Each module measures 128x32x15cm  and has a matrix of 128 x 32 LEDs. The MicroGraph can display various font types, with a height of 9-32 cm. It is therefore possible to display up to 3 lines of information.

If connected with Microgate chronometers or a PC, the modules can display the following information:

  • names (athletes, horses, boats, etc.)
  • nationality
  • times
  • speed
  • penalties and scores
  • weather information
  • time and date
  • monochromatic bitmap images

In combination with the Linkgate radio transmission systems the following information can be received:

  • timing pulses sent by the EncRadio and Polifemo photocells
  • display information from Racetime2 and Rei2 chronometers, PCs and LYNX photo-finish

20 preset programs are available, which can be selected directly by the user, delivering great flexibility (see program table)..

With .netBoards software, it is also possible to store messages, texts, images, etc. and display them as required . 

The display boards can be equipped with plug-ins such as:

  • internal battery
  • wireless network card
  • GPS sensor for perfect time synchronization
  • GSM modem (control via mobile phone, SMS, PC)
  • 12/48 V switch for external battery connection

Weight: 17Kg

Dimensions: 128 x 32 x 15 cm

Matrix: 128 x 32 led

Operating Temperature: -20° / 40°C

Average Autonomy (at 20°C): 8 Hours

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