Lynxpad Athletics Results Software



There has never been an easier-to-use program for administering an Athletics competition than LynxPad: an elegant, file-based, program that will enable you to administer an athletics competition.

The simple and intuitive LynxPad interface makes it painless to create a list of events, enter athletes names, enter their affiliations, and enter their seeding marks.

With a simple click on an icon, the LynxPad software will automatically create heats or flights according to the criteria you enter for each event.

The included FinishLynx, FieldLynx, ReacTime and ClerkLynx interface is as simple as choosing a directory to store your data files.

Features include:

  • LynxPad formats all information so that it can be imported into FinishLynx and FieldLynx, and it can also be used as a standalone application.
  • The software has built in multi-language support - including character-based languages like Chinese, and Cyrillic alphabet languages like Russian.
  • Screen layout makes for rapid data entry.
  • Creates finals from flights with a single click.
  • Prints entries, heat sheets, results, field series, etc..
  • Assigns athletes to events using a simple pull down listing.
  • User-configurable seeding criteria, lane-assignment, and advancement procedures.
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