LaserLynx is a powerful laser-based measuring device linked by state-of-the-art LaserLynx software to a handheld computer (Palm OS or Windows CE) . The resulting product is in a class by itself. Never has distance measurement in a track and field environment been so accurate, or so easy, or so affordable.

In addition, because all the measurements are computer generated, information can be converted between metric and US units and shared effortlessly with scoreboards, infield displays, databases and even with announcers.

With the addition of SeriaLynx™ to the system, the LaserLynx™ system can also share information with all these components wirelessly.

A standard Laserlynx system includes:

  • FieldLynx™ Handheld Computer (Palm OS/Windows CE)
  • Measuring Unit
  • Tripod
  • Software
  • Spare Battery
  • AC Charger
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