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The real benefits of Lynx digital technology begin when you use the data handling aspects of the software. With a FinishLynx® system, information only needs to be entered accurately ONCE. There is no more retyping, no more struggling to read handwritten notes from the finish line judges.

When used with a database, FinishLynx® will automatically display start lists. When connected to a printer, it will print results showing competitors’ names, numbers, affiliations, times etc. The same printer can produce high quality digital images. When connected to a suitable scoreboard display you can automatically show many different kinds of information: start lists, running times, results, etc..

The latest versionf of FinishLynx® software will communicate with Lynx's ReacTime™false-start detection systems, and automatically display/store the reaction times with the results.

There are also a number of FinishLynx Plugins available for this product

Features include:

  • Secure File System with enhanced file sharing permissions
  • Control up to 64 cameras simultaneously, mixing B/W and Colour
  • Multiple Simultaneous Camera Views on-screen with TimeTrack
  • Native Virtual Memory for Continuous Imaging (unlimited maximum capture time)
  • User-configurable Pari-mutuel Specific Interface with Automatic Beaten Lengths Calculation
  • Real-Time Serial User Specified Scoreboard Interface for Running Time and Results
  • Generic Database Interface (Network, File or Serial based)
  • Manual or Automatic Lane Identification
  • Image/Results Printing with Automatic Start Indication
  • Intelligent Continuous Image Zoom and Rolling Scrolling
  • Live Video Mode for Accurate Camera Alignment
  • Contrast Post-Processing and Gamma Control
  • Start Logging Capability
  • Object Finder and Automatic Dead-Space Elimination
  • Available in most languages, including character-based languages.
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