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FinishLynx® is the world's most popular and versatile digital photofinish and timing system.

The EtherLynx Professional Digital Photofinish camera can take pictures as fast as 10,000 times a second. This brings a previously unknown level of accuracy to digital photofinish equipment.

Recent applications of this field-proven technology include Cycling and a variety of Motorsports such as Car, Power Boat and Motorcycle racing – among others. It is perfectly suited for use either as a standalone system for results production, or as a component of a transponder-based system. When used in conjunction with transponders, EtherLynx Professional provides precise high-definition images that are reviewable, and that provide proof of exact order of finish and lap times. In addition, these images provide coverage for instances of transponder failure, loss or omission.

Coupled with the ability to transmit image data wirelessly in real time, and to scan at up to 10,000 frames a second from a single line sensor, the EtherLynx Professional range of cameras incorporates the ability to perform digital zoom functions, accommodate both Nikon-compatible lenses and c-mount lenses, and compress data for real time transmission of very high resolution images with no loss of quality.

Depending on the system in use, and the events being timed, systems may also contain other items; these may include:

  • Start Sensor
  • Photocell (s)
  • Wind Gauge
  • Internet connection
  • Running Time Scoreboard Display(s)
  • Results
  • Scoreboard
  • Display(s)
  • Video Converter for TV broadcast (PAL/SECAM/NTSC)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (U.P.S.)
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