The EtherLynx Fusion color digital photo finish camera combines the unparalleled light sensitivity of the EtherLynx 2000series of cameras with the infrastructure options of the EtherLynx PRO series: 100BT network port, 12VDC input, small physical size, and optional built-in WiFi. The operational versatility of the camera is clear: for true cable-free operation it has the ability to transmit image data wirelessly in real time from the camera to computer (with optional WiFi), and to operate from a 12 volt battery.

The Fusion base configuration produces color images in over 2 million colors at up to 2000 frames/sec and 1000 pixels of image height, and with the FLEX option the camera’s image resolution capability is increased dramatically. With FLEX the Fusion three line sensor can either scan as fast as 3000 frames/sec at 500+ pixels of image height, or provide up to 2700 pixels of image height at 1000+ frames/sec. This makes this camera especially useful in both higher-velocity applications, like motor sports and cycling; and wide finish line applications, like horse racing, rowing or canoe/kayak. Along with the EtherLynx PRO, the Fusion completes a line of products that is exceptionally well suited to meet the varied and often difficult field conditions of horse racing venues.

The Fusion range of cameras also incorporates the ability to perform digital zoom functions, accommodate both Nikon-compatible lenses and c-mount lenses, and compress data for real time transmission of very high resolution images with no loss of quality. All three ranges of FinishLynx cameras, EtherLynx 2000, EtherLynx PRO, and the EtherLynx Fusion, can be combined seamlessly in a multiple camera setup, with the ability to time track objects across multiple cameras.

Lenses and Mounting Options:

  • Cameras provided with F-mount (Nikon compatible) lens mounts have the option to be fitted with a through the lens viewer for easier camera alignment, and with remote iris functionality allowing remote and automatic iris control.
  • The wide range of available high quality F-mount lenses provide the very best in image quality, and with the FLEX option, allow the user to utilize the full 2700 pixels of image height.
  • Cameras provided with C-mount lens mounting, and an optional motorized lens, allow the operator to control remotely the zoom, focus and aperture functions of the lens directly from the FinishLynx software.
  • The combination of exceptional low-light sensitivity and true digital zoom allows use of an extended range of lenses that can provide additional light sensitivity at a lower cost and higher image resolution.


  • On board 100Mb Ethernet connectivity comes as standard and allows the camera to be up to 100 meters away from the Evaluation computer.
  • Optional WiFi function provides 802.11g connectivity for maximum flexibility of camera location and optimum data throughput.
  • 12 volt DC power requirement, and low power consumptions, means that battery operation is possible in remote locations.
  • Rugged extruded aluminum housing for durability and long life.
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