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Counts up or down as desired
Normal counting, parallel counting, parallel lap/split time measurement, parallel delay start, and group parallel counting are available.

Measurement in 1/1,000 sec. increments
Raising, discarding and rounding off of fragments can be made at a desired decimal place as required by the type of sports event.

Up to 3,000 data or 100 blocks of data can be stored in memory
Data can be recalled and printed out either one by one or block by block.

Powered by lithium ion battery
CT-1000 can be moved easily from place to place
without worrying about power supply.

External output connectors
Data can be output to scoreboards, computers and other external devices.

Time accuracy

±0.1 seconds (daily rate, at 25)

Measurement range

Up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds 999


Raising, discarding or rounding off is possible at a desired decimal place.

Input channel

Control panel ... 3 channels
Connectors ... 2 channels
EX-916 (option) ... 10 channels

Memory capacity

Up to 3,000 data or 100 blocks of data

Display unit

LCD (Indicates measurement, time/calendar and battery life indicator)

Printer unit

Printer : EPSON M-190 (5 x 7 dot matrix,24 characters/line, 2.5 lines/sec.)
Printing paper : Roll paper ... 57.5 mm } 0.5 mm with max.diameter of 70 mm

Data output

DATA OUT : In accordance with RS422
PC DATA : In accordance with RS232C

Power supply

Lithium ion battery : DC 7.2 V, 10.8 Wh, 2 pieces
Recharger : AC 100`240 V, 50/60 Hz

Operating duration

1 battery ... approx. 2.5 hours
2 batteries ... approx. 5 hours


For operation : -5 ~ +40/10% ~ 80%(with no dew condensation)
For storage : -15 ~ +55/10% ~ 80% (with no dew condensation)


Overall dimensions : 358 (W) x 357 (D) x 107 (H) mm(excluding protruding portions)
Weight : Approx. 4.6 kg
Material : Panel ... steel , Case ... aluminum

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