Colorado Touchpad



Tough, Durable and Gentle

Why do Colorado's swimming touchpads show up at more swim meets than any other in the world? Their all-plastic construction is tough and durable, yet their textured, non-skid surface is gentle on swimmers’ feet. The solid quarter inch plastic backbone, molded one-piece connectors and non-corrosive finish provide long-lasting reliability.

Easy to Install

Stays in Place Set-up is easy, thanks to our universal mounting system customised for your pool.They hold your pads in place without hardware or holes (in most pools) and prevent unwanted vertical and lateral movement. Best of all, you don’t need any tools.

Sensitive to the Lightest Touch

Dependable, internally sealed switches record even the lightest swimmers’ touch on the fully active face of all CTS pads, and also along the top edge of gutter-mounted pads.You get an accurate finish every time with no “dead spots.”

A Perfect Size for Every Lane

We will help you select the perfect touchpad for your facility. Choose from standard sizes or custom widths, and flat wall or gutter mounts.

A caddy that holds up to ten gutter hung touchpads is available; please see accessories or contact us for more information.

All of our touchpads have an internal full face switch. Top edge switch on gutter mount touchpads. Most of our touchpads are available with either our standard non-skid surface, or our patented AquaGrip surface. Our touchpads are an all-plastic construction, and include a 10-foot cable with molded connector. Less than 5vDC on deck power required (electronically isolated at the timer).

Custom size touchpads are also available.


Aquagrip Gutterhung Standard Gutterhung Aquagrip Flatwall

Standard Flatwall

188.5cm x 90cm FINA Touchpad  TP-188.5G TP-188.5  TP-188.5GF TP-188.5F
195cm x 90cm FINA Touchpad  TP-195G TP-195 TP-195GF TP-195F
240cm x 90cm FINA Touchpad TP-240G TP-240 TP-240G


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