Backstroke Start Device - Large Image Colorado Time Systems new backstroke start device is providing to be a big hit as clubs and facilities purchase to help swimmers with their starts.

Colorado Time Systems anti-slip backstroke start device (patent pending) is designed to assist backstroke swimmers at the start of each race.  The versatile product design is compatible with most starting blocks, and works with many pool configurations.

At the start of the race, the athlete places the adjustable wedge on the pool wall or touchpad.  Once the swimmer has left the device, it automatically retracts up and out of the water to avoid interference with turns and finishes.


“We’ve seen so many athletes lose the race because of a slip at the start,” said Anita Sayed, PlayCore Senior Vice President and Colorado Time Systems’ General Manager.  “This device helps to eliminate the unfortunate slip that can cost athletes everything that they have worked so hard for.”