Welcome to Judo Scoreboards

Below you will find a range of LED scoreboards which can be used for judo.

Please check the data-sheets for further information.

If you have a requirement for a bespoke project please contact us to discuss further.

  • Seiko JT-601 Judo Scoreboard

    Seiko JT-601 Judo Scoreboard

    Meets International Judo(IJF) regulations

    Applicable to 7 modes for Judo contest and training
    * Judo 1 (for IJF Rules)
    * Judo 2 (for Kodokan rules)
    * Programmable Timer
    * Pacer
    * Stopwatch
    * Timer
    * Clock

    * Can set arbitrary time for Contest time, Osaekomi time and “Golden Score” contest time
    * Can be used as a stopwatch, countdown timer or pace clock for training

    * Judo Timer JT-601 is designed for indoor use only.
    * By using sync-cable KT-041 (80 m; option), JT-601 can be interlocked with up to 4 other JT-601 units.

  • KT601 - Desktop Scoreboard

    KT601 - Desktop Scoreboard

    Dimensions: 48 x 87 x 56cm
    High visibility LED display
    Use: Indoor
    Timer: counts up/down from 99:59
    Scores for two teams up to 199
    Possession arrow

    Includes wireless remote
    Buzzer when timer reaches zero, or can be manually controlled

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