• 212m LED Fascia Display
  • LED Fascia Display with Video Cube
  • LED Fascia Display
  • 448 m² LED Fascia Display

LED Ribbon Display Boards

Enhance your spectators experience, generate additional advertising revenue and elevate your facility with the addition of an LED ribbon display.

LED Ribbon Display boards are the latest generation of perimeter advertising systems, taking the popular and proven pitch side perimeter solution and installing it into locations which better engage the crowd.  These full colour display systems can be used to display static and animated advertising contact along with game messages and scoring information.
No facility is the same as the next and that is why we customise our ribbon display solutions to needs of each client. 

If you need some further information why not get in touch and our in-house LED experts can help advise you on the best solution for your facility.

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Nuremberg Arena: NurembergLED Ribbon Display installed into the Nuremberg Arena Size: 15m ² & 131m²
Product: SI [10SMD] & SI[16SMD]

Hallenstadion Arena: ZurichLED Ribbon Display installed into Hallenstadion Arena in Zurich Size: 448m²
Product: SIC[40]

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