• LED Perimeter Advertising System
  • LED Perimeter Advertising System with sections

LED Pitch Side Advertising System

LED perimeter advertising systems are the latest technology used for dynamic marketing at sporting events. With the aid of moving pictures and animations you can relay your advertising messages much more effectively than with traditional static pitchside advertising.

Our "Pixel Stars" LED perimeter adveritising systems are designed for both permanent and mobile use in both stadiums and arenas.  More often than not these perimeter systems are exposed to the elements, which is why we have designed our modules to the highest possible standard, to ensure no matter what the weather, the system will continue to deliver a fantastic experience to all.

The crucial issue of player safety was at the forefront of the developer's minds in the design process, which is why these Pixel Stars modules are built with with soft shaders and soft protection covers to protect both them and your valuable players.

"Click Effects" software and hardware is available for content administration and control of the entire perimeter installation.

[Key Features]

  • High precision LED perimeter module
  • All new features of the S[quadrat] NT technology
  • All new features of the S[quadrat] SX controlling technology
  • Soft shaders
  • Additional perimeter accessories
    • Flight Cases
    • Power Boxes
    • SX [Control] Racks
    • LED Perimeter Soft Protector


  • SOP [6/12] NT / virtual 6,25 mm pixel pitch / real 12,5 mm pixel pitch / 2R,1B,1G
  • SOP [12] NT / real 12,5 mm pixel pitch / 1R,1B,1G
  • SOP [8/16] NT / virtual 8 mm pixel pitch / real 16 mm pixel pitch / 2R,1B,1G
  • SOP [16 ] NT / real 16 mm pixel pitch / 1R,1B,1G
  • SOP [10/20] NT / virtual 10 mm pixel pitch / real 20 mm pixel pitch / 2R,1B,1G
  • SOP [20 ] NT / real 20 mm pixel pitch / 1R,1B,1G
  • SOP [12 SMD] NT / 12,5 mm pixel pitch
  • SOP [16 SMD] NT / 16 mm pixel pitch
  • SOP [20 SMD] NT / 20 mm pixel pitch

Bayern Munich: MunichLED Perimeter Advertising Screen in Bayern Munich Allianz Stadium

Prince Abdullah Stadium: SaudiLED Perimeter Advertising Screen in Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium

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