• Indoor LED Screen - National Velodrome Wales
  • Indoor LED Screen - Plymouth Life Centre
  • Indoor LED Screen - National Cycling Centre

Indoor LED Video Screens

Large LED video screens have been used by sporting facilities for years and they are a great way of bringing spectators closer to the action.

HS Sports LED screens are ideal for all types of sport venues including, football, rugby, ice-hockey, basketball, motor racing, swimming and more...

Available in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions these screens can be used for a multitude of applications.... pre and post event entertainment, live game footage, statistics, advertising and messages. Multiple screens both inside and outside of the facility can be controlled using our easy-to-use screen management software, giving you complete control over their content and scheduling.

The installation of indoor LED screens poses many challenges for an installer, and with years of experience in installations, it's a challenge that HS Sports loves to tackle. The viewing angle is just one area to consider, as this typically needs to be greater; so achieve this we use SMD "3 in 1" LEDs which not only provides high viewing angles but also requires a relatively low brightness, only around 1,500 to 3,000 cd / m².

Lifetime: 100.000 hrs / 50% brightness
Processing: 16 bit / colour
Refresh rate:19.200 Hz
Servicing: rear

SI [6 SMD] NT / 6 mm pixel pitch
SI [8 SMD] NT / 8 mm pixel pitch
SI [10 SMD] NT / 10 mm pixel pitch
SI [12 SMD] NT / 12,5 mm pixel pitch
SI [16 SMD] NT / 16 mm pixel pitch
SI [20 SMD] NT / 20 mm pixel pitch

[Technical Specification]

  SI [6 SMD] NT 
SI [8 SMD] NT 
SI [10 SMD] NT 
SI [12 SMD] NT 
SI [16 SMD] NT 
SI [20 SMD] NT 

 Max power 
 Type of 
IP 23 
IP 23 
IP 23 
IP 23 
IP 23 
IP 23 
>6 m 
>8 m 
>10 m 
>12 m 
>16 m 
>20 m 
H: 140 / V: 140
-20°C / +45°C

National Cycling Centre: ManchesterLED Screen in the National Cycling Centre in Manchester

Nuremberg Arena: NurembergLED Screen and scoreboard installed in the Nuremberg Arena

Kolping Arena: KlotenLED Screen and scoreboard installed in the Kolping Arena

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