As technology progresses, so does the way in which we operate, and nowhere is the more visible than with the migration of printed media over to digital displays.  If you walk around any city you can virtually guarantee you will see at least a couple of these type of screens promoting brands to consumers, and consciously or subliminally imprinting on us as we go about our everyday business.

In the right hands, installation can be completed within just a few days, and with advances in network technology content can now be changed remotely with the click of a button... even from the comfort of your living room if you so desire.  Scheduling software allows you to control what is displayed, at what time and on what day to ensure relevant content is delivered to target markets at the most effective times.

This intelligent approach to targeting your selected audience simply and effectively is enhanced by the powerful way that the digital signage can display dynamic messages in a visually impactful way.

PKZ: ZurichLED shop window display installed in Zurich

Advertising Screen: SchweinfurtOutdoor LED Advertising Screen installed in Schweinfurt City Centre

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Over the last 30 years HS Sports have gained a reputation as one of the World's leading suppliers within the sports industry.  Specialising in the supply of services and equipment to collate timing/scoring data, produce results and the disseminttion of this to onlookers using a variety of mediums including, television graphics, scoreboards,  led video screens, internet... read more

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